Super Bowl LV

It’s that time of year again! Dig out your random NFL jersey (you bought from The Vintage Scene)
and get together with our mates and have them explain the rules of the game, and why it’s so good!

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, I can’t join my mates in Locker Room until the early hours, and have a touchdown explained to me over and over.
Instead, I’m going to make you fall in love with my favourite things about the Super Bowl – that are in no way related to the game itself.


Super Bowl adverts are almost as popular as the Super Bowl itself. With a single 30 second slot costing over $5million, you’re expecting something iconic. Unfortunately, when you’re watching the Super Bowl in the UK you don’t get the pleasure of watching the ads in real time. But you get the bonus of watching them AFTER the Super Bowl. It’s like a bonus after credits scene, and you also get the extra bonus of the internet already having picked out the ones that are worth watching, so you don’t have to waste your time sifting through the duds.

Some honourable mentions from 2020:

Missy Elliot and H.E.R Pepsi Max ad, where they remixed ‘Paint it Black’ by the Rolling Stones, I only wish the ad was longer and a full version could be streamed on Spotify.

Hyundai ‘Smaht Pahk’ ad, featuring famous actors from Boston and their Boston accents, but if you watch it too much the novelty does wear off.

Jason Momoa’s Rocket Mortgage ad, where Jason arrives home and begins to strip off parts of his body to reveal a much smaller body (it has more shock value when you watch it). You’re so shocked that you don’t really listen to anything he’s saying. He also plays the guitar.


What’s even more expensive and popular than the Super Bowl ads? The half time show.

This year we will be graced with the Weeknd performing the half time show, no other artists have been announced to join, but performers are usually accompanied by one or two special guests, so we’ll have to wait and see. Maybe a brawl with Adam Sandler under a black light, like in Uncut Gems?

It’s going to be hard to top what we’ve seen in the last few years, for instance, in 2016 when Coldplay brought out the big guns with Beyoncé and Bruno Mars – who both arguably stole the show. 2018 saw Justin Timberlake accompanied by a hologram of Prince for a rendition of ‘I Would Die 4 U’, which was Prince’s 2nd best Superbowl performance. And let us not forget the absolute party that Shakira and J Lo brought to stage last year. The Weeknd has some big shoes to fill.


With the potential to last up to 4 hours, you’ll need to come prepared with enough snacks. Keeping in theme with some good old fashioned American snacks:

  • Pizza – not the fancy thin crust kind, because we’re trying to keep it American remember.
  • Wings – chicken or cauliflower, with plenty of sauce
  • Fries – any variation will do. (Chips)
  • Chips and dip – again, any variation will do. (Crisps)

There’s plenty more but you get the idea, food that is delicious and provides no nutritional value. This is a once-a-year event so let’s go all out!

For drinks, the tradition is all about pints, pints, and pints. I know me and my mates use this time to get together (pre-pandemic of course), drink pitchers upon pitchers of beer in the name of (American) football, but anything is a good alternative if you’re not drinking alcohol: how about some Mountain Dew?


Pre-pandemic-wise, in Leicester you were spoilt with choice when it came to watching the Super Bowl. Several great bars in Leicester show the game, with themed menus, and can host large groups if you and your friends all want to get together to watch the game. In preparation for next year* (hoping we’ll be able socialise in person), here’s a few places to keep in mind:

Firebug: one of the few places that will let you watch the game for free without charging a deposit. However, you can’t reserve a spot, but you will receive a free hot dog during half time. Plus, those Long Island Iced Teas are so good!

Walkabout: Free entry and you can pre-book! With food and drinks deals all night long and 27 screens showing the game.

The Loaded Dog and Soar Point: Both bars host a pre–Super Bowl party before the game to get you in the spirit! It is a ticketed event, so you’ll need to pre-book.

The Locker Room: This is my favourite place to watch the Super Bowl, you can pay a deposit to reserve a table, the deposit will then become your bar tab on the night, they also have a great menu of wings, pizza and fries to keep you fuelled up.

BrewDog: For a set price, you can gorge yourself on ‘all you can eat’ wings throughout the whole match!

*these are deals which were available in 2020 and are not guaranteed for when venues re-open.

Even though we will all be watching the Super Bowl at home this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t still go all out and cook/order in
some incredible food and enjoy the night with friends on video chat! (Even if you are just watching it for the halftime show).