Veganuary has seen its biggest year yet with more than 500,000 people being encouraged to try a plant-based lifestyle for the month!

Whether participating for health reasons, ethical reasons, or in response to climate change, Veganuary is a great way for us change our day-to-day lifestyle, product use and create some delicious meals that challenge us to think outside the box.

This year in particular supermarkets have embraced and advocated this event and encouraged us to try new things. With dedicated marketing, imaginative plant-based alternatives and recipes, I’ve been pushed to challenge my creativity in meal preparation for the month.

It’s never been easier now to enjoy Veganuary, here are some tips to help you too:

  1. Don’t worry if you slip up:

    Even if by misreading a label or being unsure when ordering food, it gets easier discovering and understanding every part of living a plant-based lifestyle.
    If you are concerned about larger areas like clothing and products that use leather and wool for example, start small and make small changes – don’t throw your possessions away and leave yourself with nothing!

  2. Meals are still delicious:

    There are loads of great recipes I’ve loved making over the past month that have been vibrant and delicious. With supermarkets and restaurants offering some great meat alternative meals, you can wow your family, friends, and flatmates by cooking them a dinner that is also well balanced and provides all of your necessary nutritional needs.

  3. Remember to ask for help:

    Switching to a plant-based lifestyle can be a huge jump away from your usual routine. Taking time to ask others you know who are participating, as well as people on social media, and tutorials/videos online will show how easy it is to try Veganuary.

Let us know your favourite meals you’ve made for Veganuary, as well as any changes you’re going to take away into everyday life. I myself love using soya milk instead of dairy at home, but I’m still trying to find a cheese alternative that really hits the spot.